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Tune your website to run like a well-oiled machine. Digital Animals provides speed and performance optimisation solutions to improve the way your website functions and help it gain better search rankings. Talk to us to get started.


Maintain a Superior Digital Presence with Website Speed and Performance Optimisation Services

By optimising your web content to load faster on users’ devices, you can provide a first-rate online experience that helps you achieve consistent results.

Our speed optimisation services improve how your website performs so that it always meets your customers’ expectations. Start getting more results today with the help of our friendly team.

Why Do You Need Website Speed and Performance Optimisation?

Website speed is the first thing customers notice about any site. Even a 2-second delay can lead to abandonment rates of up to 87%.

Don’t let slow loading speeds negatively impact your business’s growth. Slow websites lead to high bounce rates, low revenue, and poor customer retention. They can even indirectly affect your organic search rankings on Google.

With Digital Animals, you can ensure that your website is optimised for maximum performance. Contact our team of experts to schedule a free consultation.

Did you know your website host server can also cause slow loading speeds?

Check out our Managed Web Hosting Services to learn more.

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The Digital Animals Difference

Get real results that matter plus more with our multi-platform expertise, customer-centric approach, and comprehensive range of digital marketing services.

At Digital Animals, we believe in providing 100% transparency to our clients. Our mission is to carefully evaluate your needs and ensure you make the best decisions for your business.

Our speed and performance optimisation services include:

  • Website speed audits
  • Analysis and recommendations
  • Speed optimisation tweaks
  • Speed and performance testing
  • In-depth reports, including results and scope of work


Website Speed and Performance Optimisation

HTTP Requests Minimisation

Eliminate unnecessary code and design elements to reduce server requests.

Redundant Code Removal

Detect and remove redundant code to improve website performance.

Code Minification

Minimise your site’s back-end code while retaining core functionalities.

CSS Delivery Optimisation

Improve loading speeds by replacing inline CSS with an external stylesheet.

Visible Content Prioritisation

Designate which elements to load first for the best possible web experience.

Plugin Minimisation

Streamline plugins and integrations to improve site loading speeds.

Image Optimisation

Optimise image assets for shorter loading times without lowering quality.

Image CSS Sprites

Merge theme images with image sprites to reduce server requests.

Page Compression

Compress large pages to boost the user experience and increase search rankings.

Browser Caching

Enable temporary caching for faster loading speeds on return visits.

Server Optimisation

Reduce the amount of time needed to respond to browser requests.

CDN Setup and Management

Use the closest server locations for the fastest website loading times.

Complete Web Solutions

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Are you looking for features your current web platform doesn’t provide? Our team can migrate your content, design, and SEO rankings to any platform of your choice, quick and hassle-free.

Build the website of your dreams with an expert web design and development team trained to cater to all your needs. We’ll make sure every bit of your website is optimised for maximum conversions.

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