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Frustrated with out-of-the-box features that don’t quite meet your visitors’ needs and expectations from your website?

With Digital Animals, you can give your customers a seamless shopping experience that will keep them coming back. Our expert Magento web developers will help you set up an online store that your customers love to use, driving long-term sales and revenues. Talk to us to get started.

Unlock the Power of eCommerce with Magento Development Experts

Magento is a powerful eCommerce solution that equips your business with all the tools it needs to grow. With Magento, you can build a digital storefront that’s:

  • Flexible and scalable. You can customise your website depending on your needs and goals.
  • Intuitive and simple. Both you and your customers can navigate your website easily.
  • Quick and secure. Your website will give your customers a delightful shopping experience that is 100% safe and convenient.

If you’re serious about growing your online business, Magento is the right platform for you.

Work with Expert Magento eCommerce Web Developers Today

Whether you are new to eCommerce, looking to migrate your business to Magento, or an existing Magento store owner not seeing any growth, we are here to help.

Magento’s framework enables you to customise your website in various ways in order to create maximum impact, especially when you’re scaling your business to cater to thousands of products. Our expert Magento web developers will help you create the foundation you need to grow your business exponentially.

Our Magento developers have a complete understanding of:

  • Magento PHP language
  • Zend framework
  • Model-view-controller architecture
  • MySQL relational database
  • Magento schema and tables
  • and more

A Magento Website Designed for Growth

Enjoy a comprehensive range of services designed to optimise your website for exponential growth.

We provide a range of Magento eCommerce development services that include:

  • eCommerce Website Development
  • Theme Development and Customisation
  • Custom Extensions, Integrations, and Add-Ons
  • Store Setup, including Back-end and User-facing Systems
  • Payment Setup Configuration
  • Shipping and Fulfilment Setup
  • SEO, UX Testing, and Technical Improvements
  • Speed and Performance Optimisation

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