Strengthen Your Social Media Campaigns with Paid Advertising.

Not getting the traction you want out of social media? With Digital Animals, you can boost the results of your social media campaigns with hyper-targeted ads that resonate with your audience. Talk to our social media ads experts to get started.

Why Do You Need Social Media Advertising?

As a business looking to grow your presence in the digital space, social media advertising is the perfect place to start.

With social media advertising, you can:

  • Hyper-target your messages to reach new customers
  • Generate leads that you can retarget with further advertising campaigns
  • Start with a small budget and track ROI at a glance
  • Focus on different demographics

Digital Animals can handle all aspects of your social media advertising campaigns, regardless of their complexity. Trust us with your social media management today.

Social Media Advertising Experts

Maximising your return on ad spend for your social media advertising campaigns can be a challenge. There are so many factors to consider, including knowing when to increase or decrease your bid, change your targeting data, or A/B test your copy.

At Digital Animals, we are social media advertising experts who are versed in getting you the most bang for your buck in ROI.

Our social media advertising strategy includes:

  • Social Media Audit
  • Platform and Audience Research
  • Content Creation
  • Campaign Optimisation
  • and so much more.

Consult with us about your social media advertising goals.


Social Media Platforms


Be seen by billions around the world using one of the biggest social media platforms to date.

Leverage targeted segmentation, audience research, and much more to boost your business growth.

On average, it costs as little as $5 per day or $0.97 per click to run a Facebook ad campaign.


Curate your brand’s story with engaging imagery and captions that boost your online presence.

Make the most of Instagram’s tools to optimise your content and help more people find you.

On average, the cost of running Instagram advertising campaigns is $0.60$2.00 per click.

Reach key B2B decision makers through strategic content managed on your LinkedIn page.

Our experts can help you build connections that matter to your business.

On average, the LinkedIn advertising costs begin at a $10 daily budget per campaign.


Social Media Advertising Services

Ad Copy Design and Setup

Create and implement ads with the perfect mix of visuals and copy designed to attract your target audience’s attention.

  • Craft advertisements that compel your readers to take action and invest in your brand.
  • Setup and manage multiple campaigns effortlessly.

Ad Strategy and Management

Optimise your ads pre- and post-release to ensure you get the maximum returns from your ad spend.

  • Design targeted campaigns that nurture your prospects down the buyer’s journey.
  • Adjust the length of campaigns accordingly based on performance.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Supplement your advertising with industry best practices designed to boost your conversion rate with customers.

  • Launch well-crafted landing pages that clearly outline your offers to customers.
  • Track results to improve your ad campaigns as they are active.

Social Media Marketing vs Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a shorter-term strategy that involves paid initiatives on social media platforms. This can include boosted posts, digital ads, and similar campaigns.

The general goal of social media advertising is to get your business seen by people immediately, with the aim of getting them to convert by engaging with your brand or buying your product or service.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a long-term strategy that includes unpaid or organic activities on social media platforms. This can involve posting about blogs, sharing information with followers, or commenting on posts.

The general goal of social media marketing is to slowly build up audience engagement until that audience becomes a dedicated community that supports and advocates for your brand.

Check out our social media marketing services to learn more. 

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