Build a Community Around Your Brand with Social Media Marketing.

To be successful in today’s business landscape, you need to engage with your customers at all times. Digital Animals provides social media marketing and management services that boost your audience loyalty and engagement. Talk to us today to hear more.

Why Do You Need Social Media Marketing?

If your business isn’t found on social media, your credibility comes into question.

Buyers today check out social media to research the brands they do business with. They want to see your brand reputation online, how you interact with your followers, and more importantly, how your followers interact with you.

Digital Animals offers a competitive mix of services designed to take your social media marketing to the next level.

Social Media Marketing Experts

It takes a lot of time to optimise your campaigns and get your social media marketing up and running. Why waste your valuable effort and resources when you can turn to professionals with extensive social media experience under their belt?

Our Digital Animals team are experts at creating uniquely targeted messaging that captures your brand character perfectly. With our social media specialists, you can ensure your brand will be seen the way you want by your audience, helping you build better:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Customer Relations
  • Traffic and Web Exposure
  • SEO Rankings
  • and Increased ROI

Hear more about our social media marketing services today.

Social Media Platforms


Be seen by billions around the world using one of the biggest social media platforms to date.

Leverage targeted segmentation, audience research, and much more to boost your business growth.


Curate your brand’s story with engaging imagery and captions that boost your online presence.

Make the most of Instagram’s tools to optimise your content and help more people find you.

Reach key B2B decision makers through strategic content managed on your LinkedIn page.

Our experts can help you build connections that matter to your business.


Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Account Management

Sit back and relax as we handle all the setup and optimisation of your social media accounts on the platforms of your choice. 

  • Maintain a strong and engaging presence across all the relevant social media channels.
  • Optimise your profiles and content to help your audience find you faster.

Social Media Community Management

Meet your customers’ inquiries promptly with our dedicated account managers handling all your social media engagement.

  • Have us answer all your customer inquiries so that you can prioritise your business growth.
  • Build a loyal community that will share your brand with others.

Content Creation & Curation for Social Media

Have all your posts scheduled and created in advance to ensure you never have to post filler content on your accounts.

  • Write out perfectly optimised social media posts that build traction for your brand.
  • Supplement your copy with attractive visuals that grab users’ attention.

Social Media Strategy Development

Track your target audience, competitors, and behaviours on your social media platforms to further optimise your strategies.

  • Research your audience, competitors, and platforms to further improve your results.
  • Use customer-focused strategies that boost your brand’s reputation.

Social Media Marketing vs Social Media Advertising

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a long-term strategy that includes unpaid or organic activities on social media platforms. This can involve posting about blogs, sharing information with followers, or commenting on posts.

The general goal of social media marketing is to slowly build up audience engagement until that audience becomes a dedicated community that supports and advocates for your brand.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a shorter-term strategy that involves paid initiatives on social media platforms. This can include boosted posts, digital ads, and similar campaigns.

The general goal of social media advertising is to get your business seen by people immediately, with the aim of getting them to convert by engaging with your brand or buying your product or service. 

Check out our social media advertising services to learn more. 

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