Digital Animals are experts in eCommerce platforms. We live and breathe the digital space. With our in-depth understanding of the Magento platforms we can do all the Magento theme customisation needed for your store to be high-performing. We’ve developed custom Magento themes for many of our Clients and we can do the same for you. Speak to our friendly team today.

benefits of a custom magento theme

One of the reasons eCommerce business owners love the Magento platform is the level of flexibility it offers. Whatever theme you need, it can be done on Magento.

Your custom Magento theme will:

  • reflect your brand in a unique way
  • greatly improve the visual appeal of your store
  • be micro-targeted to your audience
  • have out-of-the-box features for the best customer shopping experience
  • help contribute to further growth and sales

A custom Magento theme is the added advantage you need if you want to be a serious online business.

Digital Animals are your Magento theme customisation specialists

What makes a Magento theme high-performing?

Customer experience impacts conversions. Negative experience, negative impact. Positive experience, positive impact. With a high-performing custom Magento theme you will maximise your customer’s shopping experience, and that’s what you want.

There are some key things we focus on when building your theme.

  • Speed
  • Functionality
  • Efficiency
  • Level of engagement

To achieve this, there are specific elements we start with.

The approach to customizing your Magento theme

The purpose of Magento theme customisation is to build a theme that has all the functions for high performance in order to deliver high results. At Digital Animals, our team takes a very structured approach.

A part of this includes:

  • Defining and outlining your goals
  • Defining your target market and brand identity
  • Creating the wireframe and sitemap
  • Creating the visual style to align with your brand
  • Developing content and necessary elements
  • Building HTML and CSS

These steps are essential to build a strong foundation for your store.

Making your Magento theme high-performing

Ultimately, the goal is to build a theme that will contribute to more traffic and more conversions. When we customise your Magento theme, it will be unique, branded, 100% responsive.   

As we build it, we keep the following things in mind:

  • SEO friendly headings
  • Content optimisation
  • Minimal duplicate content
  • Mobile friendly
  • User experience orientated
  • Maximising site load speed
  • and more

You can probably see that customising your Magento theme is complex and requires highly experienced coding experts to complete it successfully. With Digital Animals, you’re in good hands. 

magento theme customisation

Your new custom Magento theme can help you boost sales

It’s an exciting time when your Magento theme customisation is completed. You’ll be ready to take your store online to your customers.

You’ll be able to:

  • Sell locally, nationally, globally
  • Begin marketing campaigns to increase store traffic
  • Begin the process of boosting sales

Digital Animals Magento developers are ready and waiting to help you maximise your results with a custom Magento theme. Speak to us today about what we can do for you.

the digital marketing agency that cares

Over the years the majority of our Clients have come to us because they’ve been burnt by others, or they’ve been overwhelmed by some hard sell sales tactics and let down.

What makes us different is that we genuinely care. We avoid any sales spin, and minimise the jargon to make things as clear as possible. There’s no pushing you in a direction you don’t want to go, just honest advice in your best interests.


The extra services we offer when doing Magento theme customisation

We don’t just develop a great theme for your store and leave it at that. We offer a complete service for your eCommerce business.

This can include:

  • Design mockups of the site with all the features before development
  • All optimisation including technical SEO, on-page and off-page SEO
  • Testing your store across all devices: mobiles, tablets, desktops
  • Analysis of your store’s performance against competitors
  • Ongoing support

Have a chat with our friendly team today about what you want for your Magento store.

magento theme customisation

Digital Animals can help with all your Magento needs


If it has to do with Magento, we can do it. Whether it’s Magento theme customisation, migrate to Magento, working with the top Magento developers, joining forces with the leading Magento partners or any other service, speak to our team and realize your online potential.