When you want your online store to stand out from your competitors, and perform at a higher level, you need a custom Shopify Store design- this is an area we excel in. Digital Animals Shopify developers have years of experience helping to improve the website for a long list of clients, and we can do it for you. Whether it’s a complete redesign or a refresh of your current design, speak to us about taking your Shopify Store to a new level.

Key benefits of having a customized store design

For success in the digital marketplace, your store design needs to have certain key elements. This can be achieved through a custom Shopify Store design.

This will:

  • Give your store a unique look
  • Reflect your brand accurately
  • Help increase your store’s credibility and appeal
  • Create a closer bond with your customers
  • Help keep you ahead of your competitors
  • Maximize the performance and user experience of your site
  • Help boost sales

A custom store design done right will empower your Shopify Store.

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Choose Digital Animals as your custom Shopify Store design partners

We have complete understanding of the Shopify platforms

Whatever people might say, Shopify and Shopify Plus are complex platforms. To customize the store design successfully you not only need expertise in coding but also to be up-to-date with continual changes in the digital space. Our professional web developers are one step ahead of the game.

We have an in-depth understanding of:

  • Changing trends in eCommerce
  • Core features and functionality of Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms
  • The latest Shopify Apps and add-ons
  • Shopify’s templating languages
  • Shopify’s front end development tools and frameworks
  • Everything else to do with Shopify

We can build your Shopify Store with all the features and benefits you want.

We can increase your store's functionality

Customizing your store is an opportunity to make it bigger, better, stronger.

It can include:

  • Helping improve your ranking in search engines
  • Fixing any issues you or your customers are experiencing with the old design
  • Making the user experience more enjoyable for your customers
  • Adding the latest features and Apps which your audience will love
  • Making the entire site faster
  • Making the checkout process easier, faster, and more secure
  • Strategies to increase shopping cart conversions

These are just a few areas where your store will benefit, With custom Shopify Store design, your eCommerce store will be raised to a whole new level and that can help increase sales.

You'll be on your way to real sales results

Imagine the new announcement banner on your Shopify Store telling your audience about the exciting changes to your store design and what’s in it for them! This is a clever marketing exercise in itself.

With custom Shopify Store design, you’ll have all the features and benefits you want including strategic marketing tools to reach your customers.

When you partner with Digital Animals, you’ll be better equipped to increase traffic to your eCommerce store and increase sales.

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Choose Digital Animals for custom Shopify Store design

Our web developers live and breathe the digital space. We can customize your store design just the way you want and it will be done with minimal (if any) downtime to your operations. Once completed, you’re ready to get results.

It will have:

  • A design built for conversions not just looks
  • Clear and easy navigation
  • Usability across all devices including mobile, desktop, and tablet.

Speak to our team about what you want from your Shopify Store design.

The difference with Digital Animals

Over the years the majority of our clients have come to us because they’ve been burnt by others, or they’ve been overwhelmed by some hard-sell sales tactics and let down.

What makes us different is that we genuinely care and we listen to the concerns you have. We avoid any sales spin and minimize the jargon to make things as clear as possible. There’s no pushing you in a direction you don’t want to go, just honest advice in your best interests.

See what we can do for your Shopify store

When you partner with us for your custom Shopify Store design, we keep you informed every step of the way.

As part of the process, we offer:

  • Design mockups of the store will all enhancements before the development
  • All optimization of your site for the best performance with search engines
  • Testing of your store across all devices including mobiles, desktop, tablets
  • Analysis of your store’s performance against your competitors
  • Ongoing support
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If it's Shopify, we can help you


Whether it’s custom Shopify Store design, migrating to Shopify, working with the top Shopify developers, or joining forces with the leading Shopify partners, speak to us today and realize your online potential.