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We give businesses the web capabilities they need optimised with the best industry practices. We use our full-stack web development expertise to handle your site’s planning, creation, launch, and management. Invest in your business by contacting us today.


Why Do You Need Custom Web Development?

Even good design can only take your business so far. In many cases, you also need custom web development to bring your complete vision to life.

Digital Animals has the skills and expertise to give your business a strong digital presence that provides a great user experience and gets you the results you want.

Our team can provide front-end and back-end web development services to ensure that your business thrives in a digitally competitive market.

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Web Development Services

Custom Website Development

Develop a professional website with all the features and functionalities your business needs.

  • CMS Development
  • Custom Servers and Databases
  • Site Architecture

Custom Web Apps

Deploy custom web applications designed to serve customers’ needs and fuel business growth.

  • Custom Plugins and Extensions
  • eCommerce Apps
  • Web Interfaces, Portals, and Dashboards

Custom Web Integrations

Unite a stack of tools to expand functionality or create a single source of truth.

  • API Integrations
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Back-End Automations

Have peace of mind with reliable hosting services for optimal website uptime.

  • Domain Hosting
  • VPS and DNS Setup
  • File Management and Backup

Website Support and Security

Enjoy hassle-free website security, maintenance and personalised support.

  • Hacker Tracker
  • DDoS Protection
  • Ongoing Updates and Fixes

Accessibility and Data Compliance

Ensure your website follows privacy laws and gives equal access to all.

  • Data Security and Management
  • User-Adaptive Content
  • Assistive Technologies

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Supplementary Web Services

Get more out of your website with our expert team.

Move an existing website to another platform with zero disruptions to your business. We’ll carefully plan and execute the migration process to ensure business as usual for you and your customers

Having the right content on your website can drive conversions and increase visibility for your brand. Our content team creates high-value copy that is authoritative, engaging, and SEO-friendly.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Want to up your prospect conversion rate and bring in more sales? Our conversion rate optimisation specialists will analyse your website and find out what you need to do to boost profits

Ensure that your website gets found by your target audience. We’ll implement a multi-level SEO strategy to get your business on top of search results and set it up for high traffic and revenues.


Our Web Development Work

Modern Website Rightfully Showcases Fulton Hogan’s Scale and Status
World-class infrastructure giant Fulton Hogan partnered with Digital Animals to design a new website that better embodies the company brand.

The Digital Animals Difference

Get real results that matter plus more with our multi-platform expertise, customer-centric approach, and comprehensive range of digital marketing services.

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