Future-Proof Your Business with Google Analytics 4 Services.

GA4 is the newest generation of free website analytics services from Google. It will completely replace Universal Analytics (UA) and comes with more powerful features than its predecessors. Start collecting future-ready data that improves your business by migrating to GA4 today.
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Universal Analytics will stop working end of June 2023. We recommend implementing GA4 immediately so you can ensure quality and consistency of data. Google strongly recommends manual migration for this process. If you need assistance, our experts can help. Start by comparing our different service packages today.

What is Google Analytics 4?

GA4 is the latest version of Google Analytics that’s much more powerful and comes with many more features than all previous iterations.

Why Manual GA4 Migration Is the Best Way to Upgrade

Because of its complexity, GA4 is much more complicated to set up than previous versions. To help with this, Google offers a free automatic migration tool for existing UA properties. However, every GA4 property we’ve seen created via automatic property creation ultimately doesn’t work, failing to migrate and set up correctly. 

This is why we recommend manually upgrading to GA4—with help from an expert—as soon as possible so that your configurations are migrated correctly and on time.

Why You Should Care About GA4

Enable a host of new tracking features powered by events-based modelling and machine-learning technology.

GA4 is a highly advanced toolset that can give you more actionable insights into how and why customers interact with your business on the internet.

When you switch to GA4, you can:

  • Collect more relevant traffic and engagement data to more effectively map out the customer journey
  • More accurately track all digital interactions with your website and other online properties
  • Adapt to increasingly stringent data privacy laws and reduce your reliance on cookies
  • Have more control over your reporting interface, providing better data visualisation
  • Take advantage of built-in predictive capabilities for improved decision-making

Our GA4 Experts Are Here to Help

Want to migrate to GA4 but unsure about how to start? 

Digital Animals can be your partner during this period to make the transition as smooth as possible. Our team of experts will be happy to set up GA4 for all your digital properties and provide all the support you need to get the most out of its advanced feature set.

Get the Right GA4 Service Package for Your Needs

Get GA4 set up for your website as soon as possible. Our GA4 service packages are conveniently pre-bundled to take the guesswork out for you. We will contact you directly after we receive your payment or enquiry.

Google will automatically migrate existing Universal Analytics properties to GA4 unless you opt out.

Unfortunately, every GA4 property we’ve seen created via Google’s automatic property creation ultimately doesn’t work and is not set up correctly. 

Even Google recommends manual migration to ensure quality of data. It is strongly recommended to get a professional setup done by GA4 experts instead.

Google’s automatic GA4 creation

Free by Google (connection still required)

GA4 Basic

$170 (+GST)

GA4 Starter

$299 (+GST)

GA4 Basic eCommerce

$899 (+GST)

GA4 Advanced eCommerce

$2499 (+GST)

GA4 Ultimate

$4999 (+GST)

Suitable for: All of the instances of this checked by Digital Animals have failed and are NOT working Brand new sites wanting to start using GA4 Existing small websites (non e-commerce) For small WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify For bigger WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify sites with existing UA For bigger WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify or custom platform. Up to 20 custom events
Create GA4 property and web data stream
Connect the GA4 property with the website code
GA4 connected and working
Setup Google Tag Manager (GTM) and a dedicated Google Tag in the existing GTM account or create a GTM account Limited
Configure GA4 property
Integrate Google Search Console property with GA4 (requires an existing Google Search Console website property integrated with the website)
Enable Signals
Turn on enhanced measurement
Optimise data retention
Migrate settings1 & add referral exclusions, IP address filtering
Standard goal tracking: Contact form submissions2, phone & email link clicks 3
2 core e-commerce events: “purchases”, “add to cart”
3 more standard goal tracking: PDF downloads, CTA button clicks, Newsletter sign-ups (where applicable3)
Advanced e-commerce event tracking (up to 12 events depending on platform)
Track custom product dimensions
Import GTM containers for advanced events
Migrate existing goals or Create new goals (either using automated migration tool) – up to 5 goals
Setup custom dashboards advanced reports – up to 3
Link with existing Google Ads account
Setup advanced custom events (or migrate existing custom goals) – up to 20 goals Limited
Migrate existing audiences (if applicable)
Use 3rd-party plugin 4
(depends on platform)

(depends on platform)

(depends on platform)
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

1 Only if this applicable and possible from your existing account
2 Requires a thank you page to exist
3 We can track these only if such a action is available on your website
4 We may make use of existing 3rd-party plugins or extensions depending on your platform. Your developer or our team will need to install this on your live website.

Not sure which GA4 package you need?

  • Or are you worried about losing your old data and integrations?
  • Or are you looking for a custom GA4 setup?
  • Or you just want to have a chat with an expert first?

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